Strategic Force USA is a full service construction management and consulting company. We provide services for commercial projects.

Services Include:

• Reinforced concrete for high rises and super structures

• Restaurant renovation

• Underpinning and structural shoring

• Sheeting and bracing for deep foundations

• New construction and rehab of commercial retail buildings

• New construction and rehab of commercial office buildings

• Waterproofing

• Landmark building restoration

• Entire building envelope

• Exterior restoration

• Roofing systems

• Customized brick and stone installation

• 24 Hour emergency response for water/fire damage

Our experience includes performing work on large scale projects. We specialize in the construction and restoration of historic structures to their original beauty.


We provide our customers a dedicated personalized service that will ensure a first class type customer experience from the initial blueprint designs to turn-key completion. Customer satisfaction is as always our focus and mission.

We specialize  in all phases and types of reinforced concrete from foundations to superstructures. Services include underpinning and structural shoring, sheeting and bracing for deep foundations. We provide service to modify existing structures and new construction.

The company’s additional services include complete interior renovation, full exterior restoration, brick and stone elements, waterproofing, entire building envelope, landmark building restoration, roofing systems, 24 Hour emergency response for water / fire damage.